Philadelphia Public School Retired Employees Association

PPSREA’s Technology Committee

The Philadelphia Public School Retired Employees Association Technology (Tech) Committee was organized in 2014 with a stated goal of designing and activating a website for PPSREA. Although the basic website design is complete, the Tech Committee continually strives to enhance its efficiency and functionality. The committee meets regularly to update the PPSREA website and serves as a data integrating unit for the various PPSREA committees and their activities. If additional information is needed, contact us at

Partial list of PPSREA Tech Committee Responsibilities:

  • Advise on technical support to PPSREA committee users.
  • Consult with board members and committee chairs on website functionality.
  • Coordinate with other PPSREA committee chairs to design and maintain page data integrations between web applications to streamline and crystallize critical committee procedures and processes.
  • Design, develop, and maintain the PPSREA website as well as maximizing the ease of use.
  • Develop affiliation links with the Pennsylvania Association of School Retirees (PASR).
  • Develop affiliation links with the School District of Philadelphia.
  • Develop affiliation links with organizations that have similar goals and interests.
  • Direct the deployment and upload of submitted electronic documentation.
  • Interact with board members and committee chairs in a team environment to enhance organizational processes.
  • Modify, present, and incorporate new technologies and design plans as needed.
  • Provide basic website maintenance protocols to interested PPSREA members.
  • The Tech Committee will provide guidance on all website development and maintenance for PPSREA administrative and committee chairs.
  • The Tech Committee will work independently while facilitating communication between PPSREA committee chairs to proficiently assess needs and solve website problems.