PPSREA’s Service / Townsend Committee

Since 1947, the Philadelphia Public School Retired Employees Association (PPSREA) has been entrusted with the responsibility of providing financial support for our fellow retirees. Over the years, the Service/Townsend Committee has worked diligently to help members live in a safe, healthy, and comfortable home environment. A sample of the many financial supports provided by the Service/Townsend Committee includes:
Caregiver Relief
In-Home Appliances (e.g., Shower Chair, Wheelchair)
Home Repair
Medical Aides
Occupational & Physical Therapy
Structural Repairs for Quality of Life (e.g., Chair Lift, Ramp)
To request support from the Service/Townsend Committee, please complete the Confidential Request for Service form and return to the office of PPSREA listed below.

Confidential Request for Service Form

The Philadelphia Public School Retired Employees Association
5398 Wynnfield Ave. – Suite 201 – Philadelphia, PA 19131-2344
(215) 921-5056 – www.ppsrea.org – info@ppsrea.org


Name ___________

________________ Date of Birth ______/______/______

Address_______________ Apt__________________

City ___________

ST _______

Zip Code ____________

Phone (__) ___ – ___

Email address _________

Year Retired __________ Years of Service ______________ Last Position _______________

Referred by________________

Date: ____/____/_____

INCOME / FINANCIAL AID (Indicate monthly amount)

School District pension $________________

Social Security $ ___________________

Other pension(s) $__________________


Medic aid $ ________________

Y _____ N_____

Other $ __________________

Briefly describe the nature of service requested and the approximate cost. Continue to the other side of the page, if needed.

**Three (3) estimates for contracted services must be obtained from licensed and insured contractors**

Any information provided will be held in the strictest confidence.
Region XI PASR