Philadelphia Public School Retired Employees Association

About Us


Our organization seeks to promote a general feeling of convenience and satisfaction among all retired school employees within the School District of Philadelphia. To achieve this goal, we have enumerated the aims of our association as thus:

  • To further the interest and welfare of the members of the association.
  • To further the interest of the public schools of Philadelphia and the employees of the school district.
  • To solicit, collect, hold in trust, and expand funds for the welfare of the members of the association.
  • To acquire, invest, hold in trust, and dispose of real and personal property for the aforesaid purpose.

Spirit of Cooperation

The Philadelphia School District enjoys a unique relationship with PPSREA, as both organizations engage in varying activities held for the benefit of pupils as well as retired and active employees. We have more than 5,000 members today that come from all departments and service levels from the city school district.

Service to Members

To adequately serve the various needs of our members, we have set up many active committees. These consist of volunteer workers who carry out a broad array of tasks for our association. A sample of the many services provided by the Service/Townsend Committee includes:

  • Caregiver Relief
  • In-Home Appliances (e.g., Shower Chair, Wheelchair)
  • Home Repair
  • Medical Aides
  • Occupational & Physical Therapy
  • Structural Repairs for Quality of Life (e.g., Chair Lift, Ramp)


Throughout the year, we have sponsored numerous cultural trips for our members. A minimal fee is charged for most of them, so just about anyone could join. We have had trips to the following places:

  • Art Museum
  • Marian Anderson Home
  • Rittenhouse Hotel (Formal Tea Event)
  • Paul Robinson House
  • City Hall
  • Girard College
  • Shofuso Japanese House and Garden

Contact us in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, for more information about our responsive membership association.